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Our ozone oils are made with certified organic olive oil or jojoba oil.   

Ozone oil is made by bubbling ozone gas into organic olive oil at a continuous rate for several weeks.  Over time, the ozone molecules bind to the oil and saturate it with ozone, which changes the oil to a gel consistency. 

Ozone oil has many therapeutic uses for cuts, burns, dental issues, insect bites, baby bum rashes, eczema, impetigo, herpes, etc.  It can be used vaginally for UTIs, yeast infections and irritations.  It can also be used rectally for anal fissures, hemorrhoids and irritations.  

“I first started using the olive oil ozone ointment to help with the painfully dry skin my face would have during the harsh Albertan winters. Having sensitive skin, I was so surprised that when I put it on my skin and eye lids that it didn’t burn at all and my eczema was soothed and cleared up from using the ointment in only a few days. I also suffered from cystic acne on my chest for many years, and discovered that it was the ONLY product that cleared up the cysts on my chest. This product has been an absolute lifesaver. "


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