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In-person services are offered on Tuesdays and Thursday in Trochu, Alberta (90 minutes from Calgary).  

10:00am - 4:00pm

To schedule a session, please call Lisa at 403 - 860 - 6811


During a 30 minute ozone therapy sauna session, you will fully undress and sit in the ozone sauna chamber, which is a completely enclosed chamber from the neck down (your head sticks out).  As the sauna heats up your skin pores open and you sweat.  Sweating allows toxins and other debris to exit the body through the skin.  Steam is helpful because when other elimination organs (kidneys, bowels, liver and lungs) become overloaded, the skin is the body’s next line of defence.  Unfortunately many of us don’t sweat enough in a normal day to fully cleanse (this is where the steam sauna is helpful!).  

Simultaneously, ozone is pumped into the sauna so that it may enter your body via your open pores, attach to the unhealthy cells and draw out toxins through your sweat.  During your session you sit on towels in the sauna and often clients have dark brown marks under their bum, legs or feet, which are toxins exiting the body.  Please note that the temperature does not have to be very hot or difficult to sit through in order to be supportive and is adjustable.  

During the session you will also be given water as needed and can bring music or something to watch to make the session as relaxing and supportive as needed. 

Women have the option of doing vaginal insufflation during their ozone therapy sauna session.  Please inquire with Lisa.  



During an ozone breathing session, you will be seated on a chair with an oxygen mask over your nose and mouth.  Ozone is safe to breathe when it is bubbled through extra virgin olive oil. This is an excellent therapy for asthma and bronchitis and pneumonia,  Breathing of ozone has been practiced in North America for over 90 years.


These sessions start at 5 minutes and can be worked up to 20 minutes.  They can be done on their own or in conjunction with an ozone therapy sauna session.

$40/Up to 20 minute treatment


NASAL OZONE $20 first time, $10 subsequent treatments
AURICAL OZONE free if added to ozone sauna (starting at 1 minute per ear)
OZONATED WATER $5 for 1 litre (must be booked in advance)

To find out more information about the ozone sauna therapy sessions, ozone breathing, benefits, and how to prepare for your session, please visit the
FAQ page

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